Special Events

Birmingham Bonanza Walk
St Martin’s Church main entrance from 5.00 GBP
Meeting point: St Martin’s Church main entrance at 1pm.

Midsummer’s Nights Dream from 8.00 GBP
Enjoy Shakespeare’s most magical work performed by the Chapterhouse Theatre Company in the beautiful grounds of Hagley Hall, Worcestershire. Grounds open for picnics from 5.30pm. Please bring your own rugs or low-backed seating.

More Canals Than Venice Walk from 5.00 GBP
More Canals Than Venice Walk starting from The canal Shop at Gas Street Basin the walk lasts one hour. Suitable for children over 12

Neon- A new Musical from 8.00 GBP
The wife of a rich man falls sick and she feels that her end is drawing near. She calls upon her youngest daughter to her bedside and bestows her final words; thereupon she closes her eyes and departs. The father falls into a deep despair leaving the fate of the youngest daughter in the hands of her sister. The young girl fulfils her role as sister and maid, constantly praying that one day her life will change and change it does, in a place called Neon…

Sleeping Beauty from 6.00 GBP
Chapterhouse Theatre Company present an adaptation of the classic fairy tale ‘Sleeping Beauty’. A princess is cursed at birth by a wicked fairy, and sleeps for a hundred years until a handsome prince awakes her with a single kiss. This magical tale promises to be an evening to remember.

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